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General notes

  • Take enough time for the assembly. Too much hurry leads often to mistakes which can damage the components or cancel out the time gained by extensive reworking.
  • The workplace should be sufficiently large and clean so that the various components and assemblies can be easily removed and assembled.
  • It is essential that you observe the pictures during assembly. Here the assembly locations and the correct alignment of the components are shown.
  • All mechanical components of the kit are manufactured very precisely. Do not use force during assembly under any circumstances. All parts can be assembled without much effort. If this is not the case, reconsider the assembly step again and read through the corresponding description in this manual again.
  • When tightening the screws, be careful not to tighten them too tightly. This can lead to damage to the plastic parts, loss of warranty/guarantee!
  • The screws are already delivered pre-sorted in small bags. You can already open these before assembly and place them sorted by type on the worktable. This facilitates assembly, as you do not have to search for individual screws.
  • Some screws, nuts and other small parts are included in the scope of delivery in larger quantities than is needed. These serve as a replacement if, for example, a screw or similar is lost during assembly.
  • The Pan & Tilt unit is the head mechanism (see picture 1) and can optionally be printed on a 3D printer. You will find the data for this as a download on the product’s website (as well as all other available downloads).
  • The Locomotion-Controller is located under the loudspeaker. It is responsible for leg control and is programmed via the mini-USB connection. An overview of the board can be found in Chapter 19 in Figure 79.