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Product Description

A running robot for beginners as well as experienced developers: With the "Hexapod Robobug" complete set, consisting of electronics, mechanics and digital high-performance servos, you can build your own Hexapod running robot and enter the exciting world of robotics! The "Hexapod Robobug" complete set is the ideal basis for entering the fields of electronics, mechanics and programming: it enables a large number of extensions by using additional user boards such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi or NodeMCU and offers space for many additional components. The robot is designed in such a way that it can be controlled without programming using the controller supplied, similar to an RC model. Thanks to its expandability and flexibility, the robot is perfect for hobby, research, schools, education and training and encourages independent development and expansion.

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Not included in the delivery: The 3D print data of the Pan & Tilt unit and the required components can be found on the product's website. The product also requires a rechargeable battery and a suitable charger.

Figure 1
Figure 1


  • Simple construction
  • Easy programming with Arduino™ (Arduino™ library available)
  • Firmware based on Arduino™
  • Onboard locomotion controller ATmega2560 for leg control (Arduino™ MEGA compatible)
  • 18x high performance digital servos with metal gear, double ball bearings
  • High-quality aluminium and plastic parts
  • Legs with double ball bearings
  • Control via gamepad (included in delivery) and user board commands
  • Easily accessible connections for your own expansions
  • Serial data connection between user board and locomotion controller
  • Compatible with the following additional boards: Arduino, NodeMCU, SBC (e.g., Raspberry Pi)
  • USB programming interface for Locomotion controller
  • Loudspeaker with amplifier for sound output
  • MicroSD card reader
  • Infrared receiver
  • Freely usable buttons
  • Power management
  • I²C Seeed Grove connector for extensions
  • Automatic level adjustment for 5 V and 3.3 V user boards
  • Versatile expandability thanks to open architecture and open source software
  • Complete kit to set up the robot (batteries, rechargeable batteries and charger not included)