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Technical Data

General Information

Body lenght 280 mm
Body height without PCB 150 mm
Body width without PCB 65 mm
Coxa lenght 50 mm
Femur lenght 75 mm
Tibia lenght 115 mm
Weight with battery approx. 2.7 kg
Servo actuating force at 6 V/DC: 13 kg
Number of degrees of freedom DOF (servos) 18
Recommended battery pack 5 cells NiMH, 3700 mAh (connection cable 2.5 mm², plug XT30)

Control electronics

Operating voltage 4.5 - 10 V/DC
Current consumption approx. 80 mA
Number of servo connections 18 locomotion controllers + 3 user boards
Programming Arduino IDE (C/C++)
Programming interface USB
User board slots 3
I2C connectors Locomotion controller 2
I2C connector User-Board 2
IR receive 1x 338 kHz (only usable in combination with Arduino UNO slor or compatible boards)
Audio amplifier with louddspeaker 1
MicroSD card slot (*) 1 (can only be used in conjunction with Arduino UNO slot or compatible boards)
Locomotion Controller 1 (Atnel ATmega2560 - Arduino MEGA compatible)
Reset button Locomotion controller 1
User board reset button 1
ISP connection Locomotion controller 1
User board ISP controller 1
PS2 compatible gamepad connector 1
Internal power supply 3.3 V/DC and 5 V/DC
Current carrying capacity 3.3 V/DC 400 mA
Current carrying capacity 5 V/DC 1000 mA
Dimensions (L x W xH) 200 x 88 x 23 mm
Board weight of circuit board only approx. 100 g
Working temperature range 0 °C to + 40 °C


Frequency range 2.402 - 2.521 GHz
Transmission power 10 mW
Power supply integrated Li-Ion battery, rechargeable via USB