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Audio Amplifier


Activating the component

The component has the dip switch SW306 for activating the component.

Function SWITCH IO port Conflicts with Remarks
SD_MODE SW306-1 16 mikroBus, SW404-3, RX; Camera, SW403-2, WRST; Unit-Bus, SW201-1, CN212 - PIN 3; Grove UART, SW202-2, UART TX
BCKL SW306-2 26 MENU, SW401-3, LEFT; Camera, SW402-6, D4
LRCLK SW306-3 25 MENU, SW401-2, DOWN; Camera, SW400-1, D5
DIN SW306-4 22 mikroBus, SW404-5, SCL; Camera, SW400-6, SIOC/SCL

Using the component

Sample project