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Burn A NES Game

This document will help you for burning a gameboy game(NES file) so that you can play a game with GameBoy Keyboard.

Download firmware

Download the gameboy simulator firmware named from Github. And unzip

Windows OS

Mac OS

Burn Game file

Windows OS

Open Flash Download Tools点击下载 apply by Espressif, choose ESP32 DownloadTool option, choose 4 files, and execute those operations as the following pictures shown. ( choose firmware file, your serial port, erase and program flash )

Mac OS

(1) install esptool

Open terminal, execute this command pip install esptool

(2) burn the game firmware

Open terminal, go to the path where is located

Execute the following commands in the terminal

cd firmware erase_flash

Reset you device

After reset FACES, enjoy your game now.


If you want another game, please change the Game file(.nes)