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M5Core Quick Start

1. Install Arduino IDE

Open your browser, enter the official website of Arduino

(1) click Mac OS X for downloading Arduino IDE


(3) Once the Arduino IDE is downloaded, you can double-click it to open it

2. Install USB to Serial Driver

Open your browser, enter the official website of M5Stack

(1) click Mac for downloading this installation package and then unzip this package

(2) After unzipped this package, double click the disk image SiLabsUSBDriverDisk.dmg for installing

(3) Check the serial port number /dev/tty.SLAB_USBtoUART

Comfirm if the USB to Serial Driver was successfully installed already:

Open Terminal, connect M5Core with PC through USB Type-C cable, and execute the following command for viewing serial port list.

Disconnect M5Core device, and execute the just executed command to verify which port disappears from the list. The disappearing COM port is the serial port name corresponding to M5Core.

Now, the serial port name is tty.SLAB_USBtoUART

3. Install ESP32 Boards Manager

(1) Open IDE, click File->Peferences->Settings

(2) Copy the following ESP32 Boards Manager url to Additional Boards Manager URLs:

ESP32 Boards Manager url:

(3) Click Tools->Board:->Boards Manager...

(4) Search ESP32 in the new pop-up dialog, then click Install

4. Install M5Stack Library

(1) Open Arduino IDE, then Select Sketch->Include Library->Manage Libraries...

(2) 搜索 M5Stack 并安装,如下图所示

5. Example

This section for verifying whether you can program with Arduino or not. Now, The USB cable connects to M5Core, then select your serial port which is connected M5Core.

Select a demo example, compile and upload

(1) Select the correct board name and serial port name

Open Arduino IDE, select Tools->Board->M5Stack-Core-ESP32 for your M5Core, Tools -> Ports for serial port

(2) Then select an example likes HelloWorld.ino

Select File->Examples->M5Stack->Basics

Select a example named HelloWorld.

Upload it, and after this program was uploaded successfully, the screen on M5Core will display "Hello World!"


Although most versions of MacOS have no problem with detecting the COM port, on some newer versions of High Sierra sometimes Slab_USBtoUART does not appear. If this is the case, after you connect the M5 open security and privacy in the system preferences and set it to permit.


If you want to read more the permission about the CP2104 USB driver, visit the following link please.

Video Tutorial