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A sample project is in process.

Activating the component

The component has a dip switch SW301, which have to be activated in order to uhse the component. The component is connected to the following ports:

Function SWITCH IO port Conflicts with Remarks
SD 1 5 RFID, SW303-6, SDA; TFT, SW311-2, RESET; Grove Digital1, SW206-2, IO5
SCK 2 17 Microphone, SW301-2, SCK; mikroBus, SW404-4, TX; Camera, SW403-1, RRST; Unit-Bus, SW201-2, CN212 - PIN 4; Grove UART, SW202-1, UART-RX; Grove Digital4, SW209-2, IO17
SWS 3 18 RFID, SW303-5, SCL; TFT, SW311-5, SCK; TFT, SW314-2, T_CLK; mikroBus, SW405-3, SCK; Grove Digital4, SW209-1, IO18

Switch 4 (LR) of SW301 is connected to GND.

Using the component

Sample project

A sample project is in process.