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ESP32Cam/M5Camera Quick Start

Text Tutorial

It is really really out of the box. Your ESP32Cam/M5Camera will immediately run without any code after you power it.

  1. plug usb cable into ESP32Cam/M5Camera and open the serial terminal on your computer.
  1. Then waitting a few seconds, you connect to a AP named "M5CAM" with your computer(or mobile phone).
  1. And you open the browser on the computer(or mobile phone), enter a URL At the moment, your can see the real-time transmission of video by ESP32Cam/M5Camera on the browser.

Now, A WebCam you achieved successfully !


ESP32Cam/M5Camera AP only can connect with one device at a time.

Video Tutorial


ESP32Cam Firmware:

M5Camera(A model) Firmware:

M5Camera(B model) Firmware:

M5CameraX Firmware:

M5CameraF Firmware: