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RGB LED strip

The board has four WS2813 RGB LEDs. The LEDs are connected to each other and therefore they could be handled like an LED strip.

RGB LED Component

The four LEDs are labeled on the board. The first LED in the strip is the LED D300 near by the switches.

Label on the board LED number
D300 0
D301 1
D302 2
D303 3

Hardware activation of the RGB LED strip


The LEDs are connected to two GPIO-Pins. In order to control the LEDs you have to active one connection and have to deactive the other connection. With the switch SW313 you could active the connection to PIN 33 of the ESP32. With SW312 you could active the connection to PIN 2 of the ESP32.

Active the RGB LED with SW313 or SW312 in the RGB component on the board.

Preparing the IDE for using the LED strip

The LED strip could be programmed by using the Adafruit Neopixel Library. This libray have to be installed in your Arduino IDE. The following steps are necessary:

  1. Download the latest version of the Library from here
  2. Extract the the downloaded and rename the folder to Adafruit_Neopixel
  3. Copy the complete folder to the libraries directory of your Arduino IDE.


The library order is named libraries and could be found in Windows under XXXXX and in Mac OS X in Documents/Arduino/libraries in the user directory.

Now restart your Arduino IDE. After a successful installation the examples of the library should occur in File > Examples > Adafruit Neopixel

Examples from the Neopixel libray

Programming the LED strip