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Programming the ESP32

After a successful installation of the Arduino IDE it's necessary to install the ESP32 as development board inside the Arduino IDE. For this you have to do the following two steps:

  1. Register a new board manager
  2. Install the extension for ESP32


The communication between the host computer and the development board is done by USB. The used USB chipset is a Silicon Labs CP210x. It should be automatically recognized by the operation system. If there is no automatic recognition install the driver manually. The link to the driver page is

Register a new board manager

Start the Arduino IDE, open the Preferences window with File > Preferences in the menu bar.

Open Preferences windows

The Preferences window has to tabs:

  • Settings
  • Network

Preferences window

It's not necessary to change setting inside the Network tab. But a change in the Settings tab is necessary. Add an entry to the Additional Boards Manager URLs:


You could directly paste the following url into the input field or open the seperate window:


Install the extension for ESP32

Now you could install the development extension for the ESP32 into the Arduino IDE. Go to Tools > Board > Boards Manager...


Use the search input file. Search for esp32 and select Install.

After the install a section ESP 32 in the menu Tools > Board should occur.


Now select the ESP32 Dev Module in Tools -> Board.