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How to Connect WIFI (For M5Cloud)


If your M5Stack Core was not burnt with a specific firmware named M5Cloud in advance, please visit this article How to burn firmware for burnning)

After powering on Core´╝îyou will be greeted by this screen. Let's connect to networkable AP.

1. Connect to M5Core AP

Use Mobile Phone or PC for connectting to M5Core AP(like M5Stack-a67c)

2. Select Networkable AP

Then open brower to login for setting your networkable WIFI name and password. (Now, my networkable wifi is named MasterHax_2.4G)

?> Note If you connect wifi unsuccessfully, repeat it again please.

3. Reset Your Device

After connected wifi successfully, reset your core according to the prompt on

?> Note If your device has been bound to M5Cloud's account before(means you have entered the check code on M5Cloud), the screen will display as below


Now, you can try to program with your core following this article Quick Start with M5Cloud