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The component camera allows the connection of a camera chip of type OV7670. OV7670 is a camera module with FiFo supporting 640x480 VGA. The PIN description is listed at the backside of the board.


A sample project for the Arduino IDE is coming soon.

ESP Board camera connector

Activating the component

The component has three dip switches for controlling the component: SW400, SW402 and SW403.

Function SWITCH IO port Conflicts with Remarks
RRST SW403-1 17 Microphone, SW301-2, SCK; mikroBus, SW404-4, TX; Unit-Bus, SW201-2, CN212 - PIN 4; Grove UART, SW202-1, UART - RX; Grove Digital4, SW209-2, IO17
WRST SW403-2 16 Audio, SW306-1, SD_MODE; mikroBus, SW404-3, RX; Unit-Bus, SW201-1, CN212 - PIN 3; Grove UART, SW202-2, UART - TX
OE SW403-3 GND -
WR/WEN SW403-4 0 -
RCK/RCKL SW402-1 4 Gyro, SW310-4, SCL/SCLK; OLED, SW309-1, SCL; SD Card, SW406-3, DAT1; Unit-Bus, SW200-1, CN212 - PIN 6; Grove I2C, SW203-2, I2C - SCL
D0 SW402-2 13 mikroBus, SW405-5, RST; SD Card, SW406-1, CD/DAT3; Grove Digital2, SW207-2, IO13
D1 SW402-3 12 RFID, SW303-2, IRQ; Gyro, SW310-2, AD0/SD0; mirkoBus, SW404-1, PWM; SD Card, SW406-2, DAT2; Grove Digital1, SW206-1, IO12
D2 SW402-3 14 Gyro, SW310-1, INT; mikroBus, SW404-2, INT; SD Card, SW406-5, CLK; Grove Digital2, SW207-1, IO14
D3 SW402-5 27 Menu, SW401-4, CENTER; SD Card, SW407-2, CDET
D4 SW402-6 26 Audio, SW306-2, BCKL; Menu, SW401-3, LEFT
D5 SW400-1 25 Audio, SW306-3, LRCLK; Menu, SW401-2, DOWN
D6 SW400-2 35 Temperature, SW315, DQ; Grove Analog2, SW205-2, ADC7
D7 SW400-3 34 Menu, SW401-6, UP; Grove Analog2, SW205-1, ADC6
VSYNC SW400-4 32 Menu, SW401-5, RIGHT; SD Card, SW407-1, LED
SIOD/SDA SW400-5 21 mikroBus, SW404-6, SDA; Grove Digital3, SW208-1, IO21
SIOC/SCL SW400-6 22 RFID, SW303-1, RST; Audio, SW306-4, IO22; mikroBus, SW404-5, SCL

Using the component

Sample project

A sample project for the Arduino IDE is coming soon.